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  • Which makes me believe SOMETHING is going on
  • anonymous (IP: *.27.206.173)
    Jun 19, 2020 00:45:44(Jun 19, 2020)
  • In DDA/Scripting in each game I have ever played with an internet aspect, people think. And never once has it been proven to exist. It's an excuse that people who shed use to justify why they lost. At times it's called scripting or ice tilt or DDA or the elo or equalizer hell. Nonetheless, it's the same and it's all made up, not proven to exist in a Peer 2 Peer surroundings. I have a tendency to agree with you. It's super frustrating when my 99 CB with 99 zone, high catching, higher awareness, etc.. Etc.. Together with"play ball" on and everything just watches a pass go right over his head that he easily might have picked.but that may just be the RNG of Madden. I get that.

    However. One thing that I do not buy, and which makes me believe SOMETHING is going on, is in blocking, the variation. For instance: I had a man rushing two individuals and getting them home. No bizarre nano bs (yes I understand detection exists but still), no blitzes, no anything. The key here is match. So something is occurring. Even if my line was low level, and it is not, something causes worse or better blocking on a constant level, not just play. And some people can be cost matches by that.

    The negative things such as CBs not animating or DL shedding your better men while sending stick out more because they impact us predominantly while playing. I really don't have the answers but animation, especially on chunk AI animations are so bad this season, worse than many years passed, and it sounds without abilities a few AI defenders are better off not being there at all because they make no effect or can easily be abused.

    The second part about the DL shedding comes down to each snap basically being a coin flip between OL and DL and we detect those bad flips more because they shouldn't be happening but they sadly do. All of it wraps around into the coding and the way OL/DL interactions have not been truly updated in probably a couple of years. Even the people working on Madden nfl have confessed that they don't know how they work since it's code on top of legacy code and it's sadly something that won't ever be"fixed" because it would need to be rewritten and remade from the ground up. (Which I Hope happens a while lol)

    It stinks. Madden nfl and Madden nfl play are lackluster at best. But there are not any key hidden mechanisms in Madden nfl that alters gamers create plays happen/not happen or To be better/worse or predetermines Wins or Losses. I used to get angry about the over the head thing too then I realized that it only occurs to the shorter players and if you check out the replay that the ball is put higher to a taller receiver that almost looks like it's how it ought to be occasionally.

    Check out for more details.


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