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  • Individuals play OSRS gold games just to progress
  • anonymous (IP: *.135.186.98)
    Jun 16, 2020 18:53:20(Jun 16, 2020)
  • I do agree with you here. Osrs is a mmorpg, therefore it is non-linear and you will pretty much do what you desire. It's plenty of bosses with mechanics that are exceptional, houndreds of critters and a world with tens of thousands of items. It's old, but that doesn't make it bad on your own. I understand that the abilities takes quite a long time. But individuals play OSRS gold games just to progress. I enjoy idle games, not since RuneScape game play is intriguing, but because I get to plan an efficient approach and see the progress as I go along. There are plenty of milestones along the way. I moved for barrows gloves, then pursuit cape, then difficult diaries, then master clue requirements and I'm now near the elite diaries.

    I have would normally think myself but I've recently branched out into PvM. I mastered the fight caves (got the jad furry friend, 32:50 PB and also did it on mobile), I'm 1200 dry for my very first Zenyte, I discovered the woox walk in Vorkath and I have only handled one kill in Zulrah. Ifailed at Corp've killed Bandos and will attempt to learn the Gauntlet. RuneScape game has a variety of articles. You compete against others or can go at your own speed. There are updates, but with QoL or balance changes and fresh update.

    I haven't played in 3 times. Not because I am tired but since I've decided to do other things or not felt like playing. I'll probably log on tonight to chat with a few friends and do a few afk blood runes. RuneScape game isn't suitable for everyone, but it doesn't make it bad. I would change two things: much better bot detection and more routine mutes and bans for behaviour. You receive a mute Should you tell a person to kill himself.

    I like rs. You bring up several good points being: freedom and flexibility, and a massive amount of content. That runescape 2107 gold I agree with, having done a lot of it (best accomplishment is solo cox). But the reason I state it is bad is because I refuse to recommend it to people and wont. It takes maybe (and I'm only imagining ) 100 hours or so merely to reach a point were we can socialize with one another in a meaningful manner, being pvm. Skilling together in my opinion or chatting is idiotic. I could play with another game and be much more involved with my friends.


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