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  • Though standard sounds like the default style
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  • Though standard sounds like the default style, it is not. Path of Exile players generally concentrate on the present challenge league. Therefore, you'll want to consider how important difficulty, multiPath of Exile participant features, and the market (item trading, etc.) are to you when picking a league.

    To get new abilities in Path of Exile, you'll usually have to equip gems into sockets on your equipment. Any class can use any ability, but gems do have stat and level requirements. Gems can only be equipped in slots of the same colour.

    Support gems: All these gems modify supportable abilities when outfitted at a linked socket (one that has a line drawn to another socket). The service gem has to be compatible with all the gem at the connected socket so as to get an effect. As an example, a service gem that affects projectiles will not do anything to a connected melee attack stone. Ensure that your connected gems are compatible!

    Equipped gems level up as you make XP, receiving ten percent of the base XP awarded from monster kills. Thus you can certainly level gems by replaying areas that are a couple of levels lower than your existing level.

    Each piece of loot you acquire takes up varying amounts of space in your bag. To take as many possible things at once, you have to move items around and squeeze things into the allotted spaces. Even after that, your luggage is likely to fill up fast if you pick up each and every thing you encounter.

    The trick, then, is to ignore items that your character can't utilize or are of low price. Item rarity is indicated by colors: White: Normal, Blue: Magic, Yellow: Rare,Orange: Unique.

    Rarer items are often worth picking up and promoting, even in the event that you need to hold onto them for a short time. And needless to say, any item that looks better than your current gear is worth catching -- even if you need to lose something else temporarily as you equip it.

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