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  • He then revealed that the OSRS gold
  • anonymous (IP: *.41.181.202)
    Jun 10, 2020 17:52:07(Jun 10, 2020)
  • He then revealed that the OSRS gold method that he used and Jagex realized their mistake, unbanned of his accounts. Oopsie. Wonder how many people this has happened to, and also their posts got buried since everybody has this ridiculous faith in Jagex's joke of a bot detection method. You are spouting speculation. You don't have any idea what I do or don't understand. Your lack of understanding on the topic is apparent. Do you understand what an anomaly is? I suggest you familiarise yourself with the definition as it will allow you to understand things clearly.

    Thanks for sticking up for people. It's easy when many people don't even want to try to believe you, let alone move beyond this to try to inform you you're lying to yourself to lose your voice. 2 days I was banned for using mouse keys to teleport into Camelot to a PKing account I had built. 

    The bot detection thought it caught me. I do not even understand why, though. I wasn't moving my mouse so it could not have"detected repeated mouse motion routines." I was just spamming the'5' key for a left click, so it is not like the machine"detected that the clicks were all identical spaced apart" or something. The fact that I no life teleported on a brand new account to get 3-4 hours.

    It was an ish account when I started got burnt out at wintertodt and took a break and it was prohibited. I appealed and got a pole. I realised jmods had runelite screen shots of each and every level and I live streamed the entire accounts life. 

    I had evidence of it all and created a post on here to fall on deaf ears. I have most of my entire life flow footage as well. Zero was helped by jagex I found out that info was leaked on town of Salem and my account was banned. Some cock head suicide botted my hcim. Btw my main never got banned throughout my hcim run either. Afking on sand crabs and someshit on my brand new hcim or I'm fucking to be Buy Rs gold chopped. Played since 2003 lmfao have my main also. I don't bot.

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