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  • Then he revealed that the Cheap Runescape gold
  • anonymous (IP: *.41.181.195)
    Jun 09, 2020 18:16:03(Jun 09, 2020)
  • In each way is a HUGE stretch. This 2007 sport is OSRS gold flourishing in 2020 how bad are they doing? Can you understand what is necessary to detect the huge number Go make an accounts and bot it to complete, it is going to be prohibited with no shadow of a doubt. Only those who are paying for scripts that are private are managing long-term botting. And again you clearly dont know the botting communities or the way the bot farms function so you should probably know what you are referring to prior to labeling anyone incompetent.

    You don't really understand anything about bot farms, so do not talk so like you do. When itn't made them money, they wouldn't do it. No one bots to total that is 1k. Do you? They bot moneymakers. Because we are not talking about whether or not bots become banned, either way this is irrelevant. This is all about whether or not innocent players get banned. They do. On all accounts on suspicion of botting: participant got permanently banned for a high-profile example. He took 1st place and then engaged in the King of this Skill event, and got banned there too.

    Then he revealed that the Cheap Runescape gold method Jagex recognized their mistake, unbanned his accounts and he used. Oopsie. Wonder how a number of people this has happened to, and their posts got buried because everybody has this faith in the joke of a bot detection method of Jagex. You are spouting speculation. You don't have any idea what I do or do not understand. Your lack of knowledge on the subject is apparent. Do you understand what an anomaly is? I advise you to familiarize yourself as it will help you understand things more clearly.


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