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  • Some clans do this as events
  • anonymous (IP: *.7.148.50)
    Jan 15, 2020 19:16:22(Jan 15, 2020)
  • It is funny that you consider encouraging people to go to the crazy and hoard skilling spots as a bad thing. In my opinion, it is going to be a positive to get people fight over skilling spots. That is the risk vs reward the wilderness should be about. Lastly you state the present reward system is fine as it is since the wilderness is mostly empty. I'd love to turn that around and say the wilderness is mostly empty since the current benefit system isn't fine. No skillers sporting anything, a small number of pkers 1-iteming in t65 and nobody dangers anything over a mill.

    Some clans do this as events but isn't 100 percent of their time and people are not bringing their best in slot things into the cave. Believe it or not folks actually skill from the wilderness but at the sight of anything a smart individual would world jump not struggle. Hell even with my T80s. It yourself the pvp is not balanced in any way, giving more ability to pkers isn't solving any matter.

    And I get you want people to use the wilderness as a form of social interaction but like I said, many people instead keep performing their wild runs quietly in a vacant world one iteming T65s than having to run in an Achto. Leave lender standing the pvming or the clan chats with the interaction.

    You don't spawn you spawn at deaths. You pay your items to be reclaimed by a decent quantity of cash and you're able to bank there. I really don't see how it's broken for anything? You can be back in the wilderness in moments, confident, but then what.Because they are not bringing any combat equipment because they do not want to risk losing it. What I am attempting to change. If it's possible to live in royal with a spirit shield against somebody in t85, I wager you can survive against somebody with a perked Nox if you are wearing adequate armour, especially if it's tank armour.

    Check out for more details.


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