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  • EA's NBA Live once and for all
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    Sep 11, 2019 18:56:41(Sep 11, 2019)
  • FUT is the go-to sport style but MyTEAM misses the mark. 2K should take a lesson from EA.The NBA 2K series is that the GOAT basketball sim, there's not any debating that. In reality, its popularity may have killed off EA's NBA Live once and for all. 2Ks MyCAREER is certainly the ideal career mode on almost any sports game currently on the current market, whilst other exceptional game modes such as Black Top and My Park continue bringing back lovers year-round year.However, there is 1 game mode which has never actually lived up to the rest of the sport, MyTEAM.

    Look at FIFA's Ultimate Team. Albeit it a sport, the success of the game-mode is astronomical. This is. If you want to establish an elite team and we're talking those TOTS Cristiano Ronaldo's or people throwback Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's, then the odds are, unless you are incredibly lucky with your packs, it'll be a case of cover to win. Nobody likes coming up against competitors who pay to win.But here is where 2K has problems, in NBA 2K19 there was a? Total using a maximum 99 rating of 91 players. NINETY ONE! Compare that to FIFA 19, there's only seven.

    Now it's no secret that 2K likes to bring a load of variants of a?ll of their cards, with players current and past given a whole selection of cards and ratings. Don't get me wrong, I like playing those top-rated players just as far as the next guy, but 91 cards with a max rating is much too excessive.This is at which the pay to win aspect of the game is so much worse at 2K. The probability is that you will have to grind hours upon hours if you would like a fantastic team, not invest ridiculous sums of money.

    This isn't something that every player can manage or wish to do.Ultimate Team nevertheless, is marginally different.Although the possibility of coming up from those groups flooded with Team of the Years and Icons in FUT Champions is scary and will likely lead to defeat, the rewards you get in FUT Champions/Division Rivals normally pay dividends, even if you end down at the Silver positions. ? Finishing up in these Gold and Elite rankings is obviously much better. But in the event that you always finish Silver 1 for a couple of weeks, which requires 11 wins over th?? Ree days, and select the coin reward, it is possible to build yourself a solid 100k team and continue to build from that point.

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