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  • Secrets of The Elder Scrolls Blades
  • anonymous (IP: *.208.246.10)
    Mar 11, 2019 21:34:46(Mar 11, 2019)

  • I think that it looks fun in its own right. I love The Elder Scrolls universe and this is likely to expand more on it, but it probably wont be this spacious socialize able world that we are used to from games like Skyrim. Captain Baddboy bruh, it is a portable game. It is meant to be played in small chunks. You don't sit down for this particular game to get a multiple hours session. If you start this match for ESO Blades Gold and had no enemies, it might seem very boring and empty. A cell game needs something to do every single time you load it up.

    He Username I am getting defensive because people can't accept the simple fact that I have a different opinion to theirs including u. I'm not even comparing to anything to begin with so what are u even talking about. All I said was that it looks boring. IDC if it's a totally free cellular game or what in the end of the day it sounds boring to me personally so that I don't understand why u r getting defensive over a game. Oh and btw I must mention that 381 people agree with me never to mention all the others.

    I agree and it's not due to the limited shifting or combat system it seems to be the demonstration and lack of control. A fantastic instance is infinity blade, still the best mobile exclusive ever made and every was much better than the past, verry interactive challenging but repetitive combat system, and object collecting system that never felt boring (until you completed everything of course), but even then there were still negative lives and other restricting and punnashing manners that kept the game interestingthe enemy types were not even incredibly varied it was good but I've seen improved, however the movesets shift and there are constant surprises and challenges, obviously that is free and that's paid but still there a right way and a wrong way to do Elder scrolls online blades service, constant interesting reward for creative and skillful drama is the right way.

    You are right it looks dull and that is because it's regrettably. I swear if most of the game is like this I shall last about half an hour before I uninstall. And I am pretty certain it's not open world and I am pretty certain it's not multiplayer, so what dose it offer besides endlessly running areas like you see here, well nothing apart from just that. You run through the road towards the end and on to another one and so on. Until you to weak you want to run them again. They included a town feature, big deal, I bet it is not likely to maintain depth. To be honest I believe people will be quite disappointed with this one.


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