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  • CALI Michael Frolik Jersey , Colombia, March 1 (Xinhua) -- Following are the top finals finishers on Saturday from the fourth day of the World Track Cycling Championships:


    Omnium final standings after six events

    1. Thomas Boudat (France) 24 points

    2. Tim Veldt (Netherlands) 28

    3. Viktor Manakov (Russia) 32


    Individual Sprint


    Kristina Vogel bt Zhong Tianshi (China) 2-0

    Third place race

    Lin Junhong (China) bt Jessica Varnish (Britain) 2-0


    Kristina Vogel (Germany) bt Lin Junhong (China) 2-0

    Zhong Tianshi (China) bt Jessica Varnish (Britain) 2-0

    Points race (25 km, 10 sprints)

    1. Amy Cure (Australia) 38 points

    2. Stephanie Pohl (Germany) 35

    3. Jasmin Glaesser (Canada) 32

    By Will Koulouris

    SYDNEY, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) -- Sharks are a vital part of the marine ecosystem, often thought to be dangerous and deadly creatures, but for Australian diver Rick Anderson, they are good friends.

    Nestled in the pristine beaches of popular Australian tourist location Port Macquarie, Rick Anderson, the owner of Rick's Diving School Mike Smith Jersey , has made an unlikely friend in a Port Jackson shark that was born close to one of his frequented diving locations a few years ago.

    Anderson told Xinhua on Thursday that his relationship with his "true dinosaur" friend began at birth when he came across a freshly hatched group of sharks.

    "I came across some fresh hatched ones poking around on the bottom, I approached one just to show my dive students that were with me at the time," Anderson said.

    "I had it sitting on my hand, patting her, and scratching her, and that went on for a couple of months because I saw her fairly regularly," he said.

    This out of the ordinary relationship between the experienced diving instructor, and his bullhead shark friend -- known for their large, blunt head -- continued as he would regularly visit her as she grew.

    "I would see her around that particular reef Troy Brouwer Jersey , and she became more and more familiar with me to the point where she would come up for a cuddle of her own accord," Anderson said.

    "She would swim up, tap me on the legs, or just swim straight up to my face until I held my arms out," Anderson said.

    "She would lay on my arms and let me give her a bit of a scratch under the chin, or on top of the head, and snuggle in, and then when I open my arms back up, she would just cruise away." he added.

    The city of Port Macquarie attracts thousands of local Dougie Hamilton Jersey , and international tourists every year who come to see the beaches and local attractions, and Anderson said that visitors to the area can also get up close and personal with his 1.7-meter-long friend.

    "She comes to me, she will swim past other divers to come to me for a bit of a cuddle first, but once I've given her a scratch or a pat she is quite happy to be passed over to someone else to give her a pat, or even a cuddle," he said.

    Port Jackson sharks are known to frequent the sea bottom, and have teeth that distinguish them from other sharks, with the front teeth being sharp and pointy, while the back teeth are flat and blunt.

    Aerial view of Hohhot in China's Inner Mongolia

    In pics: "Army Scout Masters" competition of Int'l Army Games

    Britain's Prince Philip ends 65 years of official engagements

    Argentine farmers give away bananas to protest low prices

    Military parade held to mark PLA 90th birthday (Part I)

    SWAT team members take part in drill

    Acrobatic show staged in China's Xinjiang

    Martial arts competition held in China's Henan

    Opened the curtains Travis Hamonic Jersey , the sun has a mild smile. Unstoppable warmth, just like Qinren incense spread comes from all directions. Perfectionist smile from you, so naturally wan Yet in my heart to. Pouring of style in this delicate but bright autumn, spreading out, , but a gentle one. Like this feeling, faint, faint, faint but think of ng the day Sean Monahan Jersey , if, quiet stroll sunrise, accidentally encounter a tree, another tree osmanthus open, as we meet Mo, similar to earthly joy, certainly can not describe in words. Mind drunk, shallow across, rightly!

    Night Matthew Tkachuk Jersey , when the moon rises, stroll in the moonlight, the heart will always be in such an environment gets warm. I put myself into a little bit of moonlight, so full of thoughts slightly drunk. These fragmented thoughts, I do not know my thoughts, or your Xixi as promised? But, I have been accustomed to in this timeless way to describe the mood you my window was honored to be gentle moonlight shine, I hope, the moon goddess able to meet my one wish: I hope that you can at my side Mikael Backlund Jersey , behind you holding your waist, hold you in my arms, to be I hold tightly and gently kissed, even if only once, even if only for a minute.

    Like you, without saying word. When the stars twinkling night sky, I saw from afar, you look at the eyes. Did you ever know that my heart had not stopped thinking of you, hear your voice Kris Versteeg Jersey , thinking of you Tage from the scene, imagine that hold you tight in his arms warm. Suddenly, Really Want,Ralph Lauren Sweaters, to go so quietly drunk. Deep tenderness, such as the sea, innumerable twists and aps the distance is the world’s most crippled America. I do not know, Geshi away empty beauty, approached TJ Brodie Jersey , true, and whether there will be the initial share of detachment? When you feel more and more concentrated near, panic will become increasingly grave.


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