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  • Intro to The Pitch Notes

    Hey everyone! Welcome to FIFA 19 and a brand-new series called The Pitch Notes. We have been excited to see so many players engage with FIFA 18 and  and sharing their feedback with us throughout the year. 

    With that said, one piece of feedback we have heard loud and clear from you, our players, is that you wanted to see more information from us as a team: more insight from developers, more communication, and more community updates around progress, patches, and changes to the product. 

    We hear you. 

    For FIFA 19, The Pitch Notes will be a central source on our website for all kinds of detailed information related to FIFA. Our first goal is to post a Pitch Notes article whenever we have exciting news to share or major updates to our products. 

    What will you find here?

    Our main goal is to provide more information regarding FIFA and its various features, and to address feedback when we're making critical changes to the product. 

    We'll do this by providing a platform for numerous members of the FIFA team. Content here will vary, from developer deep dives areas to community updates from our engagement team. Either way, when we have something to say about FIFA 19, you'll find it here. 

    Today, we're introducing a deeper look at gameplay to align with this week's reveal. Below, the Gameplay Production Team will discuss some of the changes to gameplay in FIFA 19, and how we're addressing some concerns we got from your feedback about FIFA 18. 

    We hope you enjoy the first Pitch Notes. As always, we want to hear from you. With every Pitch Notes release, we'll be creating a forum post on the EA Forums, where you can post feedback on what you see in these releases.

    The Pitch Notes: 7/31/2018 Forum Post.


    Thank you for your continued support!
    -- The FIFA Community Team 

    Gameplay Dev Deep Dive

    The purpose of this article is to go deeper into the new gameplay mechanics and provide insight to our most passionate players. 

    We put a massive investment into gameplay every year and we are fortunate to have multiple perspectives on the game within our team. We speak to professional, casual, and new players and gather information from numerous community platforms (forums, YouTube, Twitter). We also play the game ourselves and work with the wider development teams to deliver a quality gameplay experience that is exciting and accessible to all players. 


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