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  • Nike Air Max 1 Cactus Jack shoes On Sale
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  • Travis Scott's anti-hook trend has hit this year. The large Swoosh Logo across the body of the shoe is placed on the body of the Air Jordan 1 and is eye-catching and recognizable. Recently, the overseas sneaker custom team vijzbespokes created a unique pair of <a href="">Nike Air Max 1 Cactus Jack shoes</a>. The shoes are based on the Air Max 1 and the shoe name “Cactus Jack” is consistent with the design elements that Travis Scott used in many places. For example, the black, white and brown upper color, the striking anti-hook, and the zipper pocket on the tongue with the VIJZ logo, the overall design style is very eye-catching. The custom designer also has a variety of eye-catching works, such as the animal-like leather Max Max 1, the unique patent leather Air Force 1, the leopard stitching Air Jordan 1 and so on. The most commonly used shoe in his design is the Air Max 1 series. The design method is based on material transformation and color matching, and has a distinct personal design language.

     The Solar Hu collection by Pharrell Williams and adidas is presented this year in a dazzling collection of rainbow colors. Just released four new color matching <a href="">Pharrell Williams x adidas SolarHu Greyscale</a> series in white, cream, gray and black. The design was inspired by the story of American track and field superstar, adidas running ambassador Tori Bowie, who became the medal winner of the three Olympic Games after crossing obstacles. The shoes are solid in color, spliced ​​with mesh and leather, and the signature Hu embroidery is placed on the toe. The overall appearance is very simple and fashionable. Coupled with the outstanding sense of the foot of the Boost midsole and the Continental horse outsole, both face value and foot feeling are online.

    Japanese sneaker shop atmos This year, the classic zoo series will continue, bringing three new co-branded <a href="">Nike Air Max 1 sneakers</a>. The Japanese mainland has already been released, and the latest real thing is released. This time, it is still made for animal-riding horsehair, but it does not splicing a variety of animal prints on a pair of shoes. Instead, it applies three animal prints to three color schemes, and is decorated with color on the outsole, Swoosh and heel. The three colors are giraffe with green accents, leopard with orange accents, and tiger stripes with blue embellishments, similar to the previous two versions of the wild style, but not new. Which of these three colors do you like?
    Your appointment will be confirmed by phone and/or email. Please note that your requested time may change
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