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  • 2019 New Air Jordan 1 Nova XX Will Release this Week
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    Jul 01, 2019 04:36:38(Jul 01, 2019)
  • In recent years, the popularity of Air Jordan 1 is obvious to all. Not only does it have an endless stream of new colors, but it also brings a lot of brain-opening shoes. It will have two pairs of unique new <a href="">Air Jordan 1 Nova XX</a> is on the market. In addition to a pair of pure white, the other pair is based on the super-popular black-red toe as the color theme. The new design remodels the upper of the shoe, and the shoelaces move from the original intermediate position to the sides of the body, and the front is completely exposed. The Swoosh on the shoe replaces the classic Swoosh design with a punch. At the same time, there is a huge change in the design of the uppers to join the straps, which are embellished with the iconic Flying Wing Logo, adding a rich sense of functionality to the entire pair of shoes.

    Last weekend, OFF-WHITE x Nike Zoom Kiger 5 was officially on sale, followed by three pairs of OFF-WHITE x Vapor Street. Yesterday's well-known sneakers broke the account py_rates_ and brought the third member <a href="">OFF-WHITE x Nike Waffle Racer</a> renderings. This year's classic shoes Waffle Racer has become the darling of the major brands and Nike joints, but each joint design style is very different. OFF-WHITE is still a very iconic design style. The color scheme is divided into black powder, white green and blue-green. It is the same as OFF-WHITE x Nike Zoom Kiger 5. The rough appearance and the exaggerated lace system make it unforgettable! Coupled with the familiar anti-theft buckle and retro tongue, the huge Nike Swoosh, the outsole still adds rubber soft nails, unique lace system, all the details show the exclusive identity of the "track and field" theme!

    <a href="">2019 Cheap Jordan</a>,Although it is now in midsummer, the eye-catching new foaming products have been a lot lately. When it comes to Nike Air Foamposite Pro, most fans should be impressed with the classic camouflage style. The two camouflage theme colors that have appeared are called “Air Force Spray” and “Army Bubble”. Unlike the previous two camouflage jets, this new color scheme features a very high-profile, eye-catching color scheme. The overall body is stitched in bright purple and dark blue to create a classic camouflage pattern with black Swoosh accents on the sides. The purple circle on the tongue part echoes the color of the body, and the AIR logo in black is used in the middle. The heel shoes are mainly black, embellished with purple fonts, and the classic Swoosh with embroidery design adds a lot to the overall value. At the same time, the design of the pure black outsole also avoids the common problem of the bubble series. Many shoe fans are not willing to go because of the original crystal bottom material. This outsole material is very good to avoid oxidation problems. The pure black outsole with large purple Swoosh, the contrast effect is very bright, and the classic Nike logo next to the engraved design adds a delicate texture.
    Your appointment will be confirmed by phone and/or email. Please note that your requested time may change
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